About me


Hello there!

My name is Sanne Ter Horst. 

I was born in 1998 and I´ve been in love with photography since I was 10 years old. By photographing my own family holidays, I noticed that travelling and making photos on the road is what I like most. With my photos I want to show the stories that the world has to offer. 

I live in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

By making a lot of photos I found out that I find travel photos the most interesting. To make and to see! These are the kind of pictures you can expect to see from me. 

Having two dogs at home and capturing a lot of family moments. I also know my way around and love to shoot with animals, families and portraits. 

Take a look on my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, want more information  or if you want to do a shoot together.